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Lucie Bouchon Watt,  MA Dip Psych, MBACP (Accredited)

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Relationship is a mystery to be lived, rather than a problem to be solved


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Relationships also do experience cycles of difficulty and change. There may be times when we feel isolated and alone in our relationship, when we have lost the ability to communicate or find ourselves stuck in misunderstanding and blame, unable to understand why this is happening.


You may find that you

  • are no longer happy

  • cannot communicate your needs or feelings

  • are staying together for the sake of the children

  • experience infidelity

  • argue frequently

  • are living separate lives

  • are dissatisfied with your sex life

I can offer both of you a safe and supportive environment and act as an objective and constructive mediator to help you express your feelings and concerns and to bring more awareness in the way you relate to each other.  This work may lead you to a more harmonious and loving relationship with improved communication. It may also pave the way to a more amicable ending if that is what you choose. Either way I can support you and help you gain greater understanding of each other and your situation.


I welcome all couples, regardless of gender and ethnicity. I also welcome young and older couples wishing to talk about their relationship before getting married or committing to each other.


Daytime and evening appointments available.